• 9 or 18 holes score entry with Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) - The module provides score entry of 9 or 18 holes score entry by entering total score or by hole by hole (ESC). The score entry will be recorded as Home score, Away score, Tournament score and Away Tournament score
  • Auto combine 9 holes score card - When 9 holes score card submitted and entered into the system, the score card will be automatically combined with the last pending 9 holes score card in order to post as a complete 18 holes score.
  • Handicap Card - The handicap card can be printed at any time and can be designed to suit the local club preference
  • Handicap Information - Golfers can view information such as last 20 scores, last 50 tournament scores, best score card selected and used for handicap calculation and course handicap
  • And Much, Much, More including : Unlimited number of golfers, Handle staff handicap,Score Card history,Link with Membership Management.




The Handicapping Management module complies with all USGA guidelines, and changes to the handicap formula are always implemented.

Handicaps are updated at your club according to your local revision schedule, with reports and adhesive handicap labels printed in minutes. Handicaps are as current as the scores posted through the final day of the revision period. There is also no waiting for reports to be returned from a central processing center.





Features incorporated in the system include:
  • Independent inventory control for all revenue centers
  • 16 character alphanumeric item codes
  • Associated G/L, department, sale category, location code and manufacturer
  • Integration to all Front Office outlets
  • Integrated to point of sale, booking system and purchase orders
  • Fully programmable item bar code generator
  • Extensive reporting with graphical charts




Club On!® RETAIL is a customer-centric retail management software solution that is fast and simple to use, yet captures rich information about your customer’s past purchases and preference

Centralized real-time inventory, speedy transaction processing, gift card/loyalty card management, and comprehensive reporting provides a superior level of customer service that guarantees your shelves are stocked, your products are moving, and your profits are soaring.


Integrated to other systems such as Restaurant POS, Proshop POS, Sports Facilities, Golf Counter as well as Hotel Front Desk, ACSUSS MMS is definitely the smart choice and suitable for all clubs, associations, non-profits, and any organization needing to track their member information.




Tournament Management introduced a new tournament scoring management system to allow clubs and resorts to run any type of golf competition.

This system can be used to run club qualifying competitions or to provide a full results service for visiting groups.

  • Competitions & Results

    • Stroke Play
    • Stableford Play
    • Bogey Play
    • Team Event
    • Best Ball or Best 2 Balls
    • Category Result
    • Medal A,B,C and D
    • Own selection of On Count Back
    • Multiple Course and Day Event
    • Handle Pro Tournament
    • System 36 and Double Peoria System
  • Reports

    • Golfer Listing with score result
    • Score Card sticker label
    • Draw List
    • Course Performance Listing
    • Summary and Hole Details reports
  • Online TV Display With Advertisement

    • Provide online score result display on TV which can be located at Golfer Terrace in order to avoid golfers from interrupting user score entry
    • Sell advertisement which can generate another source of income for tournament event
Features incorporated in the system include:
  • Ability to link with visiting groups’ databases for the complete results service.
  • Trouble will be removed from user enter member information into golfer database
  • All the members’ tournament score will be transferred to Handicapping system for calculation.




ACSUSS Golf Management System (GMS) offers golf course owners and operators an easy to operate and administer tee time software module to take more control of tee time scheduling and maximize rounds.

The software solution integrated the tee sheet fully to membership management and point of sale as well as online tee time reservations software. The solution also provides a variety of features, including comprehensive scheduling capabilities that can be customized to align with course branding, reporting functionality to analyze revenue and marketing dollars, Internet-based tee time booking to allow users to book and view reservations remotely, and seamless integration to tournament and events management.

  • Bookings

    Complete tee sheet management for current day and any future date, its easy to use interface lets you see all reservations at a glance. And the systems not only provides Tee sheet can be printed at any time but also allow staff to reserve tee times without restrictions placed on on-line users.


    Features such as switch quickly between courses (dual or mult-course) and dates offers users to speed up the operations. Other features such as book times for any future date with ability to block out times for tournaments and special events as well as fast, efficient check-in procedure allows charges for any applicable cart fees, guest fees, course ticket printing and etc.

  • Operational Benefits

    Operational benefits provided by the system are numerous, ranging from greatly enhanced customer service procedures to immediate statistical analysis of operations.

    • Client convenience
    • Less delays for telephone bookings
    • Consistent service
    • Customer service is able to be personalized
    • Administrative time and cost savings
    • Greater control and security on revenue
    • Group servicing
    • Accuracy
    • Loyalty rewards
    • Member or VIP player verification




ACSUSS Membership Management System (MMS) is designed to organize and manage customer base or membership specific requirements.

Its easy-to-use database program with powerful features means greater efficiency in achieving your organizational objective, be it to increase member satisfaction or improve sales revenue. It has the benefits of a full-featured and fully integrated client / membership management with the capability to create and monitor their personal details including the flexibility of integrating birthday or other reminders. What’s more, it includeseasy-to-use search, filter, sort or view functionality. Analysis to segment your market or build profiles for future personalized communications is even possible via the reporting system that captures preferred information of your choice.

Integrated to other systems such as Restaurant POS, Proshop POS, Sports Facilities, Golf Counter as well as Hotel Front Desk, ACSUSS MMS is definitely the smart choice and suitable for all clubs, associations, non-profits, and any organization needing to track their member information.

Features incorporated in the system include:

  • Multiple Membership Category
  • Multiple Membership Accounts
  • Membership Nomination
  • Membership Transfer
  • Monthly Recurring Charges
  • Integration to all Front Office outlets
  • Auto Reminders Auto Alert
  • Unlimited Historical Data
  • Information Drill Down
  • Statistic Information
  • Editable Correspondence Letter.

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